1.2MWh Lead Carbon Container Storage System

1.2MWh Lead Carbon Container Storage System

Our state-of-the-art BESS integrates advanced lead carbon batteries, standardized power conditioning system, and energy management system. It benefits the entire power value chain, from generation, transmission up to distribution and all the way to users.


Energy Storage Application

  •  Renewable Capacity Firming
  • Renewable Power Smoothing
  • Microgrid Operation
  • Back up Power & Load Following
  • Frequency & Voltage Regulation
  • Peak Shaving

Technical Advantage

Modular Designs: Various battery capacities ranging from 300 Ah to 1000 Ah. Configurable PCS solutions from 100 kW to 1 MW. Standardized monitoring and management platform (SMMP) and Smart dynamic environment monitoring including monitoring for firefighting, alarm, temperature and humidity.
High Performance Battery Solution:  Selected and optimized lead carbon batteries for enhanced life cycle. BMS balance mode options for active and passive strategies. Originally designed Cluster Flexible Switching Function (CFSF) in order to ensure safe, reliable and resilient operation of battery system.
Flexible Operation Mode:  Support both grid-connected and off-grid applications with seamless transition mode. Highly integrable for various auxiliary functions.

Battery Specifications

Application Cases