Container Electric Storage System

Large energy storage system is beneficial to reliable operation of grid. It has important effect in adjusting load curve, load shiftingimproving utilization of grid equipment and line, adjusting frequency of grid and enhancing the power level of grid, etc. The container energy storage system is applied in some fields that important facilities are supplied continuously within a short time and load curve is adjusted in seasonal areas, etc.

According to these requirements, Shuangdeng Group successfully develop large scale container electric energy storage system. The system adopts designing project of integrated container and integrate reliably intelligent power & environment monitor system, container environment-supported system, and management system of power storage station. This system have plug and play mode, and it can easily be applied to supporting grid and supporting temporary power of region.

Technical features and advantages

Container has complete environment intelligent control system, to ensure power storage system stabilize; adopt inner power supply mode, not rely on outside power supply;

Container adopt overlap heat preservation design to Completely eliminate heat loss caused by thermal bridges; the power storage unit and energy transition unit are put in different place, to make sure perfect climate adaptation , can work normally in -50_50;

This system has harmful gas sensor, automatic venting system, to make sure system work safely;

Integrated on-line monitor and control unit adopt only one screen to control all equipment operation , can remotely communicate and have interface of remote booting;

Adopt integrated input and output unit, adopt 104 protocol or IEC61850 protocol to connect with outside communication interface, plug and play;

Customer can choose serial energy storage technical projects, such as energy-type and power-type container energy storage unit.