Lead-C battery Electric Storage System

Lead-C battery constitute with negative plate. This high specific surface area Carbon materials is with high electric conductivity and dispersibility to active material, to improve utilizing rate, protect negative plate effectively and restrain the growth of lead sulfate crystallization. Lead carbon battery is mixture of Lead-acid battery and super capacitor, which theory is similar to super battery. It is another super battery.

Technical features and advantages

Improve the conductivity of the plates, reduce battery internal resistance, improve the battery discharge performance;

Restrain the grow-up of lead sulfate of lead sulfate, no negative plate sulfation when battery is used, long cycle service life;

Reduce average aperture of negative plate and improve the loading of active material, increase the battery energy density;

Promote Lead sulfate even distribution on the negative plate, extend battery service life;

Increase the specific surface area of negative plate, improve the reaction efficiency of the active substance;

Reduce polarization, improve battery charge and discharge performance, reduce hydrogen evolution;

Double layer capacitance effects, both characteristics of lead-acid batteries and super capacitors;

Suitable for high-power electric charge cycle, more suitable in the field of energy storage and recycling systems;

High specific power, fast charge and discharge;