Lithium Battery Electric Storage System     Lithium battery has many advantages, such as high energy density, long cycle service life, high discharge rate, no memory effectenvironmental-friendly. Lithium battery has many types, such as Cobalt Lithium Oxide, Manganese Lithium Oxide, Lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate. According to market expectation and technology mature, Lithium iron phosphate battery is suggested as the first choice in electrical storage field.

Shuangdeng Group is devoted to many researches, such as volume ratio of energy, weight ratio of energy, consistency, and safety. We have researched for many years, now we develop many battery types, such as High-performance aluminum 10Ah20Ah molded 20Ah40Ah50Ah60Ah100Ah single Lithium iron phosphate battery, and these batteries have already instructed.

Technical features and advantages

The positive plate of the battery is made of LiFePO4, with outstanding safety performance and long cycle service life;

Nearly 10 years experience in production and research, advanced production process, strict quality management, long circle life;

Cell protection module developed independently, prevent cell from over-discharge, over charge, over-current, temperature;

the battery case is aluminum alloy coated by plastic with good insulating and strength;

with charging and discharging management unit, it automatically switches floating and average charging mode by measure cell current;

Battery modules can be connected in parallel conveniently;

The Max. 2C rated discharging to satisfy high power application.;

The cell capacity is from 5Ah to 100Ah;

Internal DC heat management to ensure application in low temperature circumstance, to ensure batteries use in low temperature.