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Hybrid Power Solutio


Hybrid Power Solutio

Shoto hybrid power system provides a turnkey solution for the communication base station. It is highly integrated power supply platform, which supports the integration of solar, wind, grid, generator, battery and other energy sources. The solution can be configured into three ways: solar, grid and generator hybrid system. The system supports the future expansion of the platform, and the integration of lead acid and lithium batteries alltogether. Through intelligent stratergy, the system can maximize annual saving and operate economically. The system is safe, reliable, intelligent and functional.

Technical Advantage

  • Remote monitoring,multi-lever anti-theft enclosure
  • Optimize strategy and reduce OPEX cost
  • Support multiple battery integration, high  efficiency 
  • Tailor-made application scenario
  • No need of on-site personnel,remote maintenance
  • Modular design, plug and play

Typical System Topology    

Technical Specification