Gel Lead Battery Electric Storage System

Technical features and advantages

Electrolyte: primary material adopts Germany gas silicon dioxide, the material will be the thin collosol state when it's injected initially, and it can fill the whole plate space of battery, and each part of plate can react evenly. The flooded electrolyte design can avoid dry up of battery when it's in high temperature andover charged, the thermal capacity is big and heat-elimination is fine, accordingly, thermal runaway can be avoided. The electrolyte is in the gel statein finished battery without flowing, accordingly, leakage and lamination can be avoided.

Plate: positive plate adopts tubular type plate which can effectively prevent active substance falling, the positive plate frame is molded with multi-component alloy, the crystal particle of alloy structure is tiny and dense, the corrosion-resisting performance is fine and service life is long. Negative plate adopts pasted plate, the grid adopts radiated structure which enhances utilization ratio of active substance and discharge capability of strong current, and the charge reception capability is strong.

battery case: it's made of ABS material, corrosion prevention is fine, strength is high, and appearance is beautiful, it can be sealed with lid reliably which can prevent potential leakage risk.

partition: adopt special micro-pore PVC-SiO2 separator from Europe AMER-SIL Company, the porosity of separator is big and resistance is low. It has bigger electrolyte storage space.

Terminal Seal: the built-in copper core lead-base terminal post has stronger current carrying capacity and corrosion resistance. The unique double sealing structure of terminal post can effectively avoid leakage, to guarantee reliability of terminal post sealing.

Valve: adopt Germany technology, constant opening and closing valve, high reliability, the accumulator case expansion, damage and electrolyte dry up can be avoided.