Spiral VRLA Electric Storage System

        The system adopts pure lead spiral valve-controlled sealing storage battery. Comparing with flat plate lead acid battery with common lead-acid battery, this battery has advantages of excellent large current discharge performance, high and low temperature charge and discharge performance, and fast charging reception.

Technical features and advantages

High discharging rate, discharging at 18C10 and charging at 3C10;

Superior high and low temperature performance, workable under -55~75;

Good PSOC performance;

No free electrolyte, it can install and work in any direction;

High structure strength, strong bear to vibration.

The spiral lead battery is with high discharging rate, and has applied to the power type storage system, such as supporting of grid frequency voltage, peak shift, high power load start, black start of generator and etc. A wide working temperature performance can be suitable to the application under various indoor and outdoor conditions, such as transformer substation, emergency power supply in distribution center.