Monitor Software For Electric Storage System

Energy storage system in situ monitoring is the super control central of total energy storage system, monitor total energy storage system state, and connect grid dispatch and energy storage system, is a connecting link between the preceding and the following . It can accept the grid dispatch order, at the same time, it can assign the dispatch order to energy storage branch, and monitor total energy storage system state, analyze data to ensure great working state. Energy storage system has many functions, such as SCADA function, diagnosis and early warning, panoramic analysis, dispatch optimization, active/reactive power control function, Optimization of hybrid energy storage system management and control , energy storage protected and controlled. Monitor system comprehensively monitor battery, investor, another auxiliary equipment, timely collect working status and parameter, upload high level dispatch unit. At the same time, this system combine with scheduling instructions and battery operation to assign power, finally achieve energy storage system optimal operation.

Technical features and advantages

According to IEC61850 communication program, system reliable, great compatibility for different factory;

Graphical control interface, operate simply;

Integrated system optimize control strategy, preventive maintenance when equipment is standby or in free time;

Integration with hybrid power storage management system;

Supply perfect alarm warning messages and protected control system.