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As the development direction of future grid, micro-grid plays an important role in improving the energy supply efficiency, reducing losses, providing convenient and efficient renewable energy access control technologies.

Rely on the leading superiority in energy storage field, Shoto research and jointly develop micro-grid control technology with the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the micro-grid solutions adapt to the needs of domestic and international market development has been developed.


Technical Features and Advantages:

PCC (Programmable Computer Controller) fast switching system, which fills up a number of technology gaps. As the gateway of whole micro-grid and mains supply connection point, the current disconnecting time can be achieved in 3ms;

For different application scenarios, micro-grid relay protection devices are designed with grid-connecting/isolated operation and protection models(automatically switched according to system commands), and have instantaneous protection function, Three-phase current protection function, manually open and close function, to keep the micro-grid operate steady;

PCS system ensures efficient energy management systems and controls;

With new energy generation forecasting system, the photovoltaic solar power station output power can be predicted 10 minutes ahead of schedule, which can solve the problem of new energy’s instability and bad control of randomness.