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Larger Scale PV Plant

Large-scale on-grid PV Plant is an important application of photovoltaic power generation. It has the characteristics of low cost, high reliability since it does not need energy storage unit. It is an important applications direction of photovoltaic generation. Photovoltaic The PV Plant power generation is mainly composed of PV modules, combiner box, DC power distribution cabinet, on-grid inverters, transformers, booster station, reactive power compensation, filters and so on. The system has complete power control and operation management system.

HUIFENG JUNENG company has many years of experience in the construction of photovoltaic power station and currently has a total installed capacity of more than 500MW.The PV Plant monitor system that HUIFENG JUNENG company independently research can monitor and manage entire photovoltaic power according to the power standard. The system has high reliability and stability and fully meet the requirements of power standard.