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Company Profile

Beijing Shoto Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shuangdeng Group Co. Ltd. It is devoted to development and application of new energy systems, advanced energy storage technologies, micro-grid technology and green energy technologies, to provide various types of power system solutions for electricity, telecommunications, petrochemicals,remote district electrification.

      Shuangdeng Group Co.,Ltd. , as a well known high-tech industrial group, is engaged in the R&D, production, sales and recycle of energy storage products and system. The company has established research institute, academician workstation, post-doctoral workstation and national engineering technology center, and undertakes several national 863 scientific and research projects. The company has obtained “National Environmental-friendly Enterprise”, “China Well-known Trademark”, ”China Top 100 Companies of Electronic &Information Industry”, “Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprise” and “National Top 500 Private-owned Enterprise”.
     Since 2000 it has been engaged in the development and application of new energy productsand system, Shuangdeng Group should always be customer-oriented, and technology innovation is as the development power source of new energy system and products. It has completed nearly 3,000 different types of new energy power system domestic and abroad, with covering the off-grid power systems, on-grid power systems, wind and solar power system communication base stations, micro-grid energy storage systems and power storage stations, etc. It has cultivated an experienced technical team and engineer to provide a full turn-key service for new energy power system.
    Developing advanced electric storage technology, storaging wind and solar energy. The company is located in new energy systems solutions provider and based on innovation and development of new energy generation systems, power storage systems, micro-grid technology. With advanced energy storage technologies, it provides new application styles for green energy, without time and geographical unlimited. Let green civilization everywhere.